About Us

A unique way to Define your scent

Inspired by the Italian word “Vivace”, meaning lively and bright, Vivacée is designed with the thought of offering exquisite and distinct fragrances that perfectly encapsulate the vibrant personalities of each user.

We believe each fragrance represents a certain trait and every unique scent you choose to wear is a revelation of an aspect in your character. That is why Vivacée is here to provide a platform for you to personalise a unique fragrance according to your own preferences.

A bouquet of fragrances at your selection

Among our carefully handpicked scents, design a fragrance that truly represents you. With the ingredients beautifully categorised into favourable characteristics, our innovative fragrance system gives you full autonomy to craft a scent that is exclusively yours in just a few clicks.

Have an enjoyable time going through the vast collection of scent notes and don’t be afraid to get creative when customising your one-of-a-kind gift for yourself or the ones you cherish.

Everyone owns a scent that speaks for them. What will yours say about you?

Yours sincerely,
The Vivacée Team